Lorenzö (b. 1978) is living and working in Paris and Helsinki.
He co-founded Cahute.
WITHOUT ANYTHING Nykyaika Gallery, Tampere, 02.06-02.07.18 (solo)
ANTROPOSEENI Maa-Tila, Helsinki, 14-21.09.17 (group)
WAY NORTH Pohjoinen Valokuvakeskus, Oulu, Finland 24.09-23.10.16 (solo)
HOTARU TOMOE Kallio Kunsthalle, Helsinki, Finland 03-16.08.16 (group)
ROBERTA Kallio Kunsthalle, Helsinki, Finland 03-16.08.16 (group)
WAY NORTH artArctica Festival, Helsinki, Finland 11-13.02.16 (group)
WAY NORTH Gamvik Regional Museum, Gamvik, Norway 06.12.15-06.05.16 (solo)
HOE ZIJ ZE SPELEN Gemeentehuis, Vosselaar, Belgium 01.09-23.10.15 (collaboration)
HOE ZIJ ZE SPELEN De Warande, Turnhout, Belgium 07.11.14-07.01.15 (collaboration)
N8STUDIO - THE EXHIBITION Kalleria, Helsinki, Finland 4-19.04.14 (solo)
UNFINNISH Kaapelitehdas, Institut Français de Finlande, Helsinki, Finland 18-31.03.14 (solo)
ORDINARY PEOPLE Vol de Nuits, Marseille, France 15.11-20.12.13 (solo)
N8 STUDIO Juhlaviikot, Helsinki 22-25.08.2013, Finland (happening)
ORDINARY PEOPLE Atrium Jussieu, Paris, France 12-22.11.2012 (solo)
BURDAYIM 2012 TGEU, Dublin, Ireland 09.09.2012 (group)
A CASTED SHADE Cabaret Organique, Paris, France 15.05-6.06.2012 (group)
COSPLAY FINLAND Korjaamo Gallery, Helsinki, Finland 14.01-6.03.2011 (solo)
A CASTED SHADE HSL Culture Tram, Helsinki, Finland 3-31.01.2011 (solo)
ALLEZ MA FRANCE! CNHI, Paris, France 15.05.10 Atelier (group)
7x8 ArtParis Polka Galerie, Paris, France 18-22.03.2010 Projection (group)
ORDINARY PEOPLE Schönberg City Hall, Berlin, Germany 21.01.10 (group)
ORDINARY PEOPLE French Parliament, Paris, France 21.10.09 Projection (solo)
ORDINARY PEOPLE OffPride Festival, Zurich, Switzerland 5-7.06.09 (group)
JOURNEE (selected pieces) AAF, Paris, France 4-7.06.09 (group)
SHASHIN (selected pieces) Ines de Serroux Gallery, New York City, USA 1-30.06.08 (solo)
WAY NORTH (extracts) published in Kuukausiliite
WAY NORTH featured on Panthalassa
WAY NORTH featured in the #4 issue of Raw View magazine
WAY NORTH featured on OAI13