We all wish we were the first one. The one that has the privilege to discover, to set the foot on a virgin land. We all want to keep our discoveries for ourselves, and have our secret places free from intruders. But in the same time, we always want to see more, to discover more. So we travel, we move around, we explore. We leave marks, tracks, paths, structures. We leave footprints, visible or invisible. Everywhere we go, we change forever our environment.

Behind the link below is a photography of a mountain landscape. It’s a beautiful mountain, just outside Nervei. The photo has been taken on a clear clear day, when the blue of the sky was has this polar intensity that baffles camera sensors. The snow on the mountain is immaculate and has been only disturbed by the fox that lives not far from the village. Just by watching the photo you can breathe the fresh air, and feel the immensity of the landscape lying in front of your eyes.

By clicking on the link, you could see the picture. But if you do so, a program will reduce the opacity of the picture of 0.1%, altering it forever. Every time someone loads the page, the image looses 0.1%, forever. After the 1000th visitor, the whole image will be totally white, and disappear.

Of course you don’t know how much still remains of the image. And you could think that changing 0.1% of opacity is nothing. But it's not. Every click brings the image closer to an avoidable blank death.

So now, it’s your choice : would you rather see the image, and directly contribute to its disappearance or would you rather rely on the description above and leave the image untroubled in the quietness of its digital peacefulness ?